Who has two thumbs and is as a happy as a little school girl? This guy (I'm pointing my thumbs at myself)! I'm a big fan of musicals and I'm a big fan of Alanis Morissette, so this news is a win-win!

I've said many times, both privately and on the air, that Jagged Little Pill is one of my favorite albums of all time. It's one of only a few albums that I can listen to straight through without skipping a track. In fact, on Jagged Little Pill, you have to be extra patient to get that hidden track at the end of the album.

Pill has sold over 33 million copies, was nominated for nine Grammy awards and actually won five of them, including Album of the Year. Thank God Kanye wasn't around at that time, cause I'm sure he would have pitched a fit about it. And you might remember that this album was a real departure from what Morissette was known for. She had previously released two pop/dance type albums up there in Canada before she rocked my socks off with Jagged Little Pill.

So, it's super exciting news right? Yep, sure is! Here's the bad news. The musical won't be ready until 2018, although that's too long to wait really. And, for now at least, you can only see it in Cambridge, Mass, as part of the upcoming season at the American Repertory Theater. That's not to say that the musical won't be wildly popular and won't make it's way around the country. Let's hope it does!

Here's one of my favorite tracks from Jagged Little Pill.


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