Willard Library is inviting you to sip on tea while unraveling the mysteries of the Grey Lady, who is she?

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The Grey Lady of Willard Library

If you're familiar with haunted Evansville history, there's no doubt you have at least heard of the Grey Lady.  The Grey Lady is said to haunt Willard Library on Evansville's First Avenue.  If you've ever been to Willard Library you know what a truly beautiful Victorian Gothic-style building the library is, it opened in 1885. The library is said to be haunted by the Grey Lady, so who is the Grey Lady?

According to Willard Library, no one truly knows who the Grey Lady is, but it is widely speculated that she is the ghost of Louise Carpenter the daughter of Willard Library founder, Willard Carpenter.   The first sighting of The Grey Lady happened in 1937.  It was around 3AM and she was seen by the custodian who came in to start the furnace for the day. It's said he walked down the hall and bumped into a figure which looked to be a woman wearing a long dress and grey shawl, as he watched she faded into the darkness.  From that day on many have experienced strange encounters at the library.

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Grey Lady Afternoon Tea

I don't know about you, but I cannot get enough of the legend of the Grey Lady so I was very excited to hear about Willard Library's latest event.  Willard Library is hosting a fun afternoon tea event on October 7th from 2 to 4 PM where they will dive into theories as to who the Grey Lady really is.

Join us for an enchanting afternoon steeped in history and mystery at the
Unveil the secrets of the past as we delve into the enigmatic tales surrounding the Grey Lady Ghost. Our captivating presentation will explore the intriguing possibilities of her identity, making this an experience you won't want to miss!
Don't forget to don your most charming chapeau for our "Most Interesting Hat" contest! Let your creativity shine as you vie for the coveted title and some fabulous prizes.
Indulge in the excitement of our silent auction, featuring an array of unique treasures waiting to find new homes. All proceeds from this event will go towards supporting the Friends of Willard Library and the library itself.
Secure your spot at this exclusive event by visiting our website and purchasing your tickets. Seating is limited, so act fast to ensure you're part of this unforgettable afternoon!
Come sip, savor, and unravel the mysteries with us at the Grey Lady Afternoon Tea. An afternoon of elegance, intrigue, and community awaits. See you there!
Do you mean there's an excuse to indulge in afternoon tea while learning about my favorite ghost story?  Sign me up!

Hauntingly Beautiful Photoshoot Inspired by Evansville's Grey Lady

Evansville's most notorious ghost is no doubt the Grey Lady. The Grey Lady is said to roam the halls of Willard Library, and stir up a little mischief every now and then. Hayden Burns Photography was so inspired by the Grey Lady, that she created a photoshoot completely inspired by her. Check out her stunning ghostly images below!

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