Over the weekend, Chase asked me if I believed in ghosts. I said, "Of course, do you?" He said it would be fun to try and see one, like a ghost hunter. I wasn't particularly up for that idea LOL! But, I decided to take him somewhere that he might actually see a ghost, the Willard Library.


Just opening the door, freaked us both out! It was stuck, and I just wasn't pushing hard enough. We thought it was a spirit, keeping us out! Once we were in, we walked around a bit. Chase was careful not to touch anything, he said the spirits could haunt us, if we did. I'm not sure where he gets his supernatural info LOL. We ventured downstairs, and he saw a book with a skeleton face, and he was done. He said he was terrified, and never wants to go back. But, he still wants to see a ghost, because he's been watching the ghost cams every since we left!

Watch for the ghosts HERE

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