When I saw the post for these two cutie pies, my heart melted. My grandparents used to have a Yorkie that looked just like this duo. His name was Cody, and he was basically their child. He was the perfect lapdog, since he was so little. If one Yorkie is this sweet, imagine that times two.

Meet Marley and Gizmo - They are up for adoption at It Takes a Village in Evansville. They are 9 years old and need to stay together. You could easily carry them both around, since they are only 6 pounds each. This is a very unique situation, since they are very bonded, and need to be in the same forever home.


Evansville location:
1417 N. Stockwell Road
Evansville, Indiana 47715


Tuesdays 12-5 pm
Wednesdays 12-7 pm
Thursdays 12-5 pm
Fridays 12-5 pm
Saturdays 10 am-5 pm

If you're not ready to adopt, but you'd like to foster a dog, It Takes a Village is always taking applications for fosters.

Fostering Facts from It Takes a Village:

ITV Rescue will cover all the veterinary expenses as well as crates and any other supplies you will need.  If any vetting is necessary while a foster dog is in your care, ITV covers the costs as long as it is ITV that makes the appointment with our veterinarians.

All of the ITV dogs are altered, dewormed, and vaccinated while in their foster homes, and we do need fosters who are able and willing to work with scheduling! However, we completely understand that a vast majority of our fosters work, so transportation to appointments can be arranged.

Because of our limited resources, many foster homes choose to further help the rescue by providing their own dog food or heartworm/flea prevention.  We will provide donated food, however, if requested by the foster.

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