When it comes to funeral homes, whether they are open for business or closed down, there is something crazy creepy about them. You would have to be a special person work own or work in one. I don't think I could handle being around death all of the time.

I'm not really sure why they give me a sick feeling in my stomach. I guess it's just the fact that death is scary, creepy and we all try to avoid it for as long as we can. maybe being around death all the time, makes you see it differently than most. Maybe, it's not so disturbing and more just a part of life. I know my mom, an oncology nurse, dealt with death all the time. Because of that, she wasn't scared of death.

My ex's deceased grandmother owned several funeral homes in Florida and a girl I went to high school with owns one in my hometown. They are both wonderful people who made a career out of helping families say goodbye to their loved ones. A truly admirable profession.

But, in every profession, even funeral homes, lurks bad examples and criminals, Last year, I came across some alarming photos in a Facebook group that were incredibly haunting and sent chills down my spine.

The photos were from an abandoned funeral home in North Carolina. I contacted the photographer to get the story of the terrifying photos. The photographer, Justin Collins of Peril Photography, took photos of what was left of the inside of the funeral home. But, the photos aren't the scariest part of the story. The story of what was found two years after the funeral home was shut down will give you nightmares.

The funeral home shut down back in 2012, only to have the police called to the abandoned building in 2014. The shocking things they found inside the funeral home, will haunt the residents of the North Carolina small town forever.

Abandoned Funeral Home Held Terrifying Secret That Still Haunts Small Town

[SOURCE: Justin Collins - Peril Photography/WFMY News 2]


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