It seems that social media is now crawling with all kinds of at-home workout plans and equipment.  From resistance bands to dumbbells and even full gym set ups for the garage.  Obviously, this is prime time for fitness companies to share their get ripped fast all in the comfort of your own home products.  It seems to be working because it is almost impossible to find sites or stores with a decent amount of inventory left.

With that said there is one brand that wants to help you stay in shape and look oh so fabulous in the process.  Fashion icon Louis Vuitton has released four different items for gym rats and fashionistas alike.  The one catch is that they are a “little” pricey.  For the small sum of $2,720 you can get a set of six-pound dumbbells.  Weights not really your thing? Then how about a jump rope for $670?  Or a $2,720 volleyball? (carrying bag included) If you need to add a little more fun to your workouts then you need the $2,280 ping pong set.

Aside from the outrageous price my only complaint is that the dumbbells are only six pounds.  To get your money's worth they could at least go up to 15.  But who am I to tell Louis Vuitton what to do?

In fairness these items do look very nice.  I mean obviously.  They all have the signature “LV” placed all over and they just look refined.  Now, I never thought you could go bankrupt over some dumbbells and a jump rope but as they say…look good, feel good….

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