A few years ago I attended a Leadership Evansville retreat. At the end they asked each of us to write a letter to ourself that they mailed to us nine months later.

I LOVED getting that letter and really appreciated the advice I had given myself. It allowed me to reset a little. In it, I also asked msyelf questions to keep myself accountable when it came to short and long term goals.

I also sent myself $7 and said, "Go get a coffee and a scone!" I loved myself for that!

I took the idea of writing future me one step further. Last Christmas I had the worst holiday of my life. I had too many expectations and plans, and it landed me on a phone call with my mom sobbing on Christmas Day. So I wrote myself a letter and put it in the decorations for me to open the following year. In that letter, I reminded myself of the promises James and I made to each other about what we were going to do differently.

It was a joy to open this letter, and I did exactly what was written in my letter.

A little over two and half years ago, I wrote myself a letter and put it in Jude's 3T-4T box of clothes before it went into the attic. I knew the boys would one day wear those clothes, and I'd have to get back into that box.

Last night I got it down to get ready for spring and summer, and there was my letter. It wasn't super reflective or sentimental, but it was thoughtful. I talked about what the kids were doing and what their personalities were like. I reminded myself to "relax, enjoy this day, hug everyone and take a deep breath."

Maybe this will inspire you to do this. Maybe write a note to yourself on the anniversary of an event in your life and open it every year. 

Below is the letter I opened last night, signed "You - '14"


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