Last week, I had a CT Scan, to figure out why I have such terrible sinus issues (Aside from the fact that I live in Allergy City USA). And, because NOTHING that happens to me is normal, the radiologist saw something in the scan that he wanted to check out further.

In a future blog, I'll explain what they think this spot on my brain is. The word 'Teratoma' was used, and Googling it has filled me with Anxiety. I've been so busy reading up on what it might be, that I didn't give much thought to the next test the radiologist had planned for me. Which brings me to the list of things that I learned about having an MRI:

1. Time - Unlike the CT scan, an MRI can take 45 minutes to an hour. I was expecting to be finished in like 15 minutes...Nope.

2. Noise - OMG. If someone could invent a quiet MRI machine, that would be amazing. I was warned that it would sound like a jackhammer. I used the earplugs, and there were pillows tucked between my head and the machine. Yes, it did sound like a jackhammer, but there were also other weird banging sounds, and all of them freaked me out.

3. Cold - It's super chilly in the room with the machine. I was kind of tucked in with a sheet, so I was ok with the room temp.

4. Claustrophobia  - My MRI was of my brain, so there was no getting around having my entire head in the machine. I knew I would freak out, so I closed my eyes, and tried to go to my happy place. Honestly, I was praying the entire time, wondering if anyone had died during an MRI. That's where my mind goes.

5. IV - Another fun surprise. Sometimes during the scan, you'll need some contrast stuff, that helps the doctor see what's inside your body. I had to have an IV for part of mine.

6. Anxiety - I'm usually full of anxiety anyway, so this was a MAGNIFIED version of my fears. The combination of wondering what in the world this spot is, the noise, feeling smashed into a moving table, and not being able to move really freaked me out. I sent Doug a text afterwords, describing the experience as 'Treacherous'. Now, I get to worry until I get the results back. Side note: Why can't they give us instant results...Or at least in the same day?

7. Dizzy - It's normal to feel dizzy after the MRI. I think because I have so much snot & whatnot in my head, the radio waves did a number on my inner ears, because I'm still kind of dizzy.

8. Soreness - I guess because of the way I was in the machine, and had to stiffen up my head, neck and shoulders so I wouldn't move, I'm sore in those areas today.

I secretly, well not so secretly, hope that I'll get some sort of superpower from the radiation and radio waves...Maybe like a Radio Superhero LOL!


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