It feels like we have had a month of snow days in Evansville! Ok, it's only been a week, but I'm sure everyone is going stir crazy. Once you've had enough fun in the snow, check out these places, to have even more family fun!

You could actually spend a couple of days here, having all kinds of fun! Video games, bowling, and lazer tag!! Plus, you can even grab something to eat & watch a movie.

The kids can burn off some energy & you can burn some calories! Or, you can just relax & enjoy the free Wifi & massage chairs.

Pizza & games, I love this place! Plus, they have an amazing salad bar, and Gluten Free Pizza (By request).

I love to challenge the boys to mini golf, Doug always wins, but it's still a good time. They have some fun arcade games & lazer tag, too.

If you are ready to pretend you're heading to the Winter Olympics, Swonder is perfect! I have't been brave enough to try this yet, maybe this week!

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