Some of these activities may not seem uber romantic...but they're free, and they are what you make them. I honestly that special someone in your life would enjoy these things, as long as you're doing them together.

Full disclosure here, four of these options are completely free...the fifth is nearly free, really not expensive at all.

The Dream Car Museum

I've said it many, many times...this is one of the neatest places in the Tri-State...and it's absolutely free! Take your time strolling through both Dream Car Museum buildings (located at Diamond & Heidelbach), and seeing so many amazing pieces of Americana. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, retro signs and gas pumps and more!

It Takes a Village Canine Shelter

We've introduced you to so many sweet doggies over the last year, and thanks to you, so many have found forever homes. Why not meet some of these doggies in person? Stop by It Takes a Village on Stockwell Road and take a dog, or three, out for a walk. The folks at ITV are always looking for people to come play with the puppies!

Eastland Mall

There are certainly plenty of opportunities to spend money at the mall, but you don't have to. You and your boo can just walk around, holding hands and people watching. Get a wee bit of cardio...get some future gift ideas...and get a big dosage of humanity.

The Library

I know this isn't the sexiest suggestion, but I think this could be pretty cool. First of all, we have some really beautiful libraries in Evansville. Of course the Central Library downtown is awesome...and the North Park library is another hidden gem worth visiting. Maybe you could find some poetry to read (quietly) to that special someone. Maybe you could find a romantic comedy to watch together. Who knows, get creative with it.

Share a Milkshake

I'm thinking old school on this you see in the movies. You and him/her, sitting across from each other...two shake. Looking lovingly in his/her eyes, trying not to get brain freeze. I realize this would require some money, but depending on where you go, it's not gonna be a lot of money.

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