Ah yes, the white elephant gift. It's always the last gift for me to purchase. Here are 5 great white elephant gifts for your next holiday party with your girlfriends.


1) If you can read this - Socks
These socks come in a variety of sayings on the bottom including "bring me wine" and "bring me coffee". Amazon.com

2) Notes To Self Complimentary Pens - $10.26
Set of 6 ballpoint pens in tonal bright colors with a positive statement embossed in gold. There’s nothing that makes you smile more than a cheeky compliment like "you look absolutely marvelous" or "your breath is so minty". Amazon.com

3) Animalz Facial Sheet Mask - $4
I love these facial masks. Have some fun with this playful facial mask while you nourish your skin. Available at Target and Drug Stores and Amazon.com

4) PICK YOUR NOSE Nose Paper Cups - $14.69
These are hilarious and can add a little silly to any party! Comes with 12 male and 12 female noses. Amazon.com

5) Shh - Almost - Now You May Speak Glass Mug - $13.99
Can you relate? Love these mugs.