Attempting to fix things around the house on your own, seems like a good way to save some money. This is not the case, if you end up in the ER!

It might seem like an easy project to switch out a light fixture or remove some tile, but unless you really know what you're doing, it's best to call in the pros.

5 Common Injuries From DIY Projects:

1. Cuts - Saws, knives, and other sharp tools should be used with caution. I've heard too many horror stories like this one from Cynthia:

2. Falls - Stay off of the top part of the ladder, that isn't really a step! It's also a good idea to always have a ladder buddy.

3. Shock - No, not the shock from the price of home projects, but electrical shock! Like Tim 'The Tool Man' learned, always turn all of the breakers off, when dealing with electrical work.

4. Falling Objects - This is how my husband, Doug, injured himself twice. Last summer, a rusty nail went through his ear from a falling fence. Just this week, he need stitches, after some tile fell and cut his wrist.

5. Fumes - Make sure you have your work space properly ventilated, when you are using chemicals or paint. Some people (Me) get sick from certain paints and stains, so open the windows!

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