It's almost impossible to avoid eating too much over the Holiday Season. By the time New Years Eve is here, you'll feel 10 pounds heavier. Then comes the resolution to lose it all in January. It's too easy to go from 1 cookie, to an entire sleeve!

I've been going through a lifestyle change, and really taking care of myself. I've learned that there are 3 basic things we can do to keep extra pounds away. Surprisingly, they have nothing to do with food!

1. Stay Active

I'll admit it, it's really hard to stay on an exercise schedule with everything else we have to do. But, it's important to get in as much activity as you can. I have my daily step goals, and that helps to remind me to keep moving. I also park as far away as I can, so shopping can be counted as a workout! I find 10 minute workouts on Youtube, so I feel like I did something, even though it was short. Committing to a weekly workout with a friend is also a good way to stay accountable.

2. Drink Water

I used to think that I drank enough water. It's basically the only thing I drink. But, I had no idea that water played such an important role in weight loss. I used to think 6 glasses of water was plenty. Actually, I need about 64 ounces. That's about a 2 liter bottle! My goal is 101 ounces everyday.


I had no idea that not letting your body rest actually hurts your metabolism. Experts say we need to get at least 7 hours of quality sleep every night. Easier said, then done, I know. If I stay up too late, there's a good chance that I'm going to snack. If I go to bed early, I won't. Getting enough rest also helps relieve stress.

Hopefully, these tips help you maintain your weight during the holidays!

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