The St. Louis Zoo has welcomes three new giraffes to their family. Luna, Gomer, and Honey are ready to meet you.

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The giraffes actually arrived at the zoo this past spring, but now are finally ready to meet the many, many guests of the zoo. The newest members join Ella and Sukari at Red Rocks and to get to know them all better the zoo releases some fun facts about its three new members.

Honey is 2 years old and is the smallest giraffe out of the five is extremely sweet and has large dark spots on her face. Gomer is 1 1/2 and is the goofy one in the group and is the only male. Luna, also 1 1/2, is the most cautious and likes to watch others. Ella is 13 and has a heart-shaped spot on her left shoulder. Sukari is the oldest at 19 and is the sweetest girl according to her handlers. You will notice her by her white hair.

You can also get up close and personal with the newest members by feeding the giraffes at the zoo. For a small fee, you can feed the giraffes which would be an amazing experience to have.

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