We always see these fun questionnaires on Facebook, and decided to share our answers!

Liberty's Answers:

  1. First Job: Lic's Ice Cream & Deli
  2. Dream Job: Radio (Doing it)
  3. Favorite Foot Attire: Mickey Mouse Vans
  4. Favorite Candy: M & M's
  5. What are you currently doing? Answering this quiz
  6. Favorite Pizza: Cheese
  7. Favorite Movie: Saving Mr. Banks
  8. Favorite TV Show: The Office
  9. Favorite Day of the Week: Usually Saturday, sometimes Tuesday
  10. Favorite Flower: Rose
  11. Favorite Number: 15
  12. Tattoos: 1
  13. Piercings: 3
  14. Like to Cook: Obsessed!
  15. Favorite Color: Red
  16. Gold or Silver: Silver
  17. Do you like vegetables? A few of them
  18. Do you wear glasses? Yes, for reading
  19. Favorite Season: Spring-ish / Summer-ish
  20. Dream Travel Destination: Hawaii for the beach, and New York to see the Statue of Liberty.

Bobby's Answers:

  1. First Job: A sports apparel store at Washington Square Mall in Indianapolis.
  2. Dream Job: Starting 2nd baseman for the Chicago Cubs...or frontman for a really great band.
  3. Favorite Foot Attire: Some comfy sneaks!
  4. Favorite Candy: Just about anything from Reese's
  5. What are you currently doing? Trying to think of a clever way to honestly answer these questions.
  6. Favorite Pizza: Pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms and banana peppers...preferably from Azzip Pizza!
  7. Favorite Movie: Too many choices! Used to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy...but more recently I might have to go with Thor: Ragnorak or Captain America: Civil War.
  8. Favorite TV Show: It's tough to beat Sons of Anarchy (except for the Ireland season). I'm also a big fan of Daredevil and The Punisher on Netflix.
  9. Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday
  10. Favorite Flower: Stargazer Lilly
  11. Favorite Number: 9
  12. Tattoos: Nope...not yet. Not opposed to 'em...definitely a possibility.
  13. Piercings: Nope...never
  14. Like to Cook: Absolutely...I love making people happy with food!
  15. Favorite Color: Blue
  16. Gold or Silver: Gold...I guess
  17. Do you like vegetables? Not really, unless they're covered in butter...or salt...or cheese...or all of the above.
  18. Do you wear glasses? Sadly, yes.
  19. Favorite Season: Summer
  20. Dream Travel Destination: I think I would enjoy going out west for a bit. So much beautiful scenery out there!

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