We shoot a lot of videos in the course of a year. Some are more fun and entertaining for the viewer than others...and some are even more fun and memorable for me too.

I've combed through all the videos that I was a part of in 2018 and picked the five I like the most. I sure would appreciate it if you watched them (again or for the first time) when you have the chance!

1a. Stacey's Sounds of Defeat

My partner Stacey is so competitive with everything she does, and she expects to be me at anything we do. So I take great pleasure in beating her, which happens more times than not. While editing the video of a very one-sided defeat at ping pong, I noticed that Stacey would make some strange sounds after losing a point. This is a quick compilation of all those sounds uninterrupted. Enjoy!

1b. Fruitcake Toss With Evansville Police Department

I was sure this one happened in late 2017, so it wouldn't technically count for this list...but luckily I was wrong. This was in early January of 2108. It's one of my of my absolute favorites! Throwing something with your non-dominate hand levels the playing field and it's impossible to look cool, masculine, athletic, etc. So here we have our friends from the EPD's Crime Prevention Unit throwing some fruity little snacks with us. My sound effects just add another level of ridiculousness!

2. Holiday Flavor Ice Cream Tasting

One of the perks of being in radio is that we often get to sample various food items. We recently reviewed the holiday flavors from Blue Bell. I chose this video because I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard. My buddy The Rob just cracks me up. He definitely made this video way more enjoyable for me!

3. Breath Holding Competition

Stacey and I did some competitions while at the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach. This was the one event I really expected to lose. Stacey is in way better shape than me and I expected that to be reflected in her cardio. I was really surprised to see how poorly she performed in the pool. This defeat in particular was very pleasurable!

4. Hiding Stacey's Burrito

Stacey has a REALLY bad habit of leaving food in my office. I was feeling a bit frisky one day and decided to hide her delicious looking breakfast burrito and then make her play "Hot/Cold" in order to find it. Pestering her is so fun!


I was blown away to learn about the popularity of ASMR videos. I don't get it! But Stacey and I wanted to get in on the craze. We just had a blast shooting this one. It was super silly and funny AND it gave me a few minutes of peace and quiet from Stacey. Haha!

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