I'm sad to have not been able to visit the St. Louis Zoo this year (yet), but after learning what they just added I might have to plan a visit.

Not one, but two new attractions/shows have been added to the ever-growing St. Louis Zoo.

Winging It!

The Winging It! takes place in the Sea Lion Area and shows off some of the most beautiful birds to visit at the zoo. Including the Bald Eagle, American Barn Owl, Red-Tailed Hawk, and more. You can get the schedule of shows on the St. Louis Zoo website, and although it's not a free show to experience the tickets are under $4 each. Learn about these mysterious and exotic birds as they take flight during the performances and might even fly over your head.

Giraffe Feedings

You can now feed the giraffes at the zoo. Here's your chance to get up close and personal with these giant beautiful animals. One of giraffes' favorite food is crispy lettuce and now you can feed them with their giant 18-inch long tongue. Feedings happen daily and it's $5 per ticket which includes two pieces of lettuce. If you plan on a zoo visit you will want to get these tickets first since they are limited each day. Don't want this giraffe getting a stomach ache.

I just enjoy watching this zoo grow and grow and allowing visitors to get more and more educated on all of the animals the zoo takes care of. I just can't wait for their Wildcare park to open.

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