The 98th Annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival is October 7th - October 12th 2019. I've gathered some of the best tips from "Fall Festival Pros", so if it's your first time, you'll know what to expect. Even if you've been to the Fall Festival every year, there are probably things on this list that you have forgotten about, or maybe it's something new!

1. Use the App

Maybe you're a traditionalist, and you like the paper Munchie Map, that's ok! But, the Fall Festival Pal App will change your life! You can easily map out your week of eating, you'll know exactly which booths to hit and where they are with GPS, and you can make a list of everything you want to try.

2. Bring Cash

This is something that I will remind you to do, but I will more than likely forget. Most booths will be equipped to take credit/debit cards, but you should always be prepared. Sometimes the mobile card readers stop working, and I would hate for you to miss out on a corn fritter, because you didn't bring cash money.

3. Dress for the Occasion

Now, we will all see a whole lot of "What Not to Wear", but this is a reminder to dress for the weather, and what you will be doing; Walking and Eating! High heels for example, would be a bad choice. Chucks without socks are also a poor shoe choice (I have blisters to prove it). No matter what the actual temperature is, the "Real Feel", as Ron Rhodes calls it, will be quite a bit hotter. 200,000 people and 130+ fryers going will create a lot of heat.

4. Parking

You have your sensible shoes on, so go ahead and park far away. You'll want to walk off the calories, anyway. Don't block driveways. Just because someone lives within walking distance of Franklin Street, that doesn't mean they don't want to leave their house! This is also another reason to bring cash. There will be a ton of charities accepting money in exchange for their prime lots. There will also be neighbors of the festival that rent out spaces in their yards. That can turn into a muddy mess, if it rains. Just something to keep in mind. Most importantly, remember where you park!

5. Sunscreen

This is another tip that I will forget. Even if it's cloudy or overcast, you can still get burnt. Even though it's technically Fall, you can still burn. Better safe than burnt!

6. Timing

Timing really is everything. Some Fall Festival Pros recommend waiting until at least day 2, before you make your trip. But, then you are losing valuable eating time. Don't be tricked into Family Day! Ok, it's not really a trick, I just didn't know that the charity food booths were not opened on Sunday. There are vendors, but not the kind that you expect with the Fall Festival. Now, you know! Lunchtime is busy, but not as busy as the evening hours.

There will be Sheriff Deputies and Police Officers on duty throughout the festival. If you are bringing the little ones, stop by their booth and get a Parent Wristband. It's a free program that will help police reunite you with your kids, if you get separated.

8. Be Patient

Between the food booths, rides and restrooms, you will be waiting in a line of some sort, no matter what. Please remember that the booths are ran by volunteers. Most of them are not in food service, and they are doing the best that they can, to get orders right, and follow safe food guidelines.

9. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

I hate to even have to say it, but sometimes bad people come to the Fall Festival with the intent to steal. Sucks, right? Just be aware of what's going on around you. If you see anything suspicious, report it immediately!

10. Watch from Afar

Some Fall Festival experts will tell you that the best way to enjoy the week, is to send other people to get your food, and you can watch it all on the Live Webcams!

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