A few months ago, we decided to turn our "Office" into a gym. We really wanted to make the most of the space, so we planned out the necessities.

1. Flooring

This is important, so that you don't damage your floor with equipment. I bought these at Sam's Club.

These squares piece together easily.

2. Cardio Equipment

We went back and forth on this decision, since there's really only room for one large piece. We settled on this treadmill, because it was free.

Instead of a treadmill, you might want an elliptical or bike.

3. Weights

We already had the smaller set and the adjustable ones. I purchased the 20 pound weight bar for around $40.

The adjustable weight set is great, because it saves space.

4. BOSU Ball

This was pretty expensive at $100, but it is very versatile, and is easily stored.

You can do exercises for your entire body with this piece.

5. Weight Bench

This was fairly easy to put together (I did it myself) We just push it out of the way, when it's not in use.

I found this bench at Academy for around $30.

6. Yoga Stuff

I absolutely hate missing Hot Yoga! My schedule changed, and I wasn't able to make it to class regularly. With my mat, block, and space heater, I can transform this space into my own Hot Yoga studio.

I have a cheap mat, and then I put the expensive non-slip mat over it.

7. Smart TV

Turns out, our office is the one room that we don't have cable in. But, with a Smart TV, I can find awesome Free workouts on Youtube!

I can find workouts or watch a marathon on Hulu or Netflix.

8. Suspension Training

I love TRX classes, so to bring that into our home gym, I found this one that hangs over a door.

TRX style workouts use your body weight.

9. Misc. Ab Equipment

There are so many great exercises that you can do for your abs. Adding a weight ball or roller is a good way to mix it up. The disks are amazing for legs, and abs, when used in plank.

I found these at Five Below! They usually have a few gym pieces that are $5.

10. Mirror

I think we will add another mirror eventually. You really need at least 1, so you can check your form.

A large mirror helps to keep me motivated!