Zayn Malik may be a platinum-selling artist but the singer is also a humanitarian, who is always looking to help the less fortunate.

As New York City and much of the East Coast deal with the aftermath of a vicious winter storm, freezing temperatures are starting to set in for the area. While staying home is the best bet for many to stay warm, Zayn shared a message to help the homeless who may have no way to avoid the cold.

On Saturday (Jan. 6), Zayn posted a Code Blue Weather Emergency message, detailing how to help. "If you see someone on the street in need of shelter, you can call 311, give a description of the person and the location, and an outreach team will be dispatched to assist."

The singer took a screenshot of the message, highlighting it's importance with three exclamation points and writing "NYC" with a heart next to it.

It's been a few months since Zayn released his last single, "Dusk Till Dawn," but it appears he is gearing up for another release. According to a recent report, a new song called "Hurt" was registered with Broadcast Music, Incorporated.

While it's yet to be heard what Zayn's new music will sound like, in August, the singer told Billboard his next album will be more decisive than Mind of Mine, which he says was a bit scattered. "I feel like the songs are a bit more organized," he said.

Check out Zayn's Instagram post below.

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