So, have you been to see any of your favorite groups or artists in concert lately?  The Ford Center in Evansville has been bringing in some great acts this year and in years past.  In fact, Kid Rock is coming on September 9th and we're giving away free tickets to that show!  The Old National Events Plaza and The Victory Theatre have also had some great shows! 

One of the perks about working in the broadcasting media, as long as I have, (omg! since my college days!) has been getting free tickets to some great shows!  And because I've worked in rock, country, pop, and adult contemporary radio stations, the shows I've seen have been from all genre's of music.

So, here's just a few of my favorite concerts I've attended:

  1. Bruno Mars - Indy
  2. Blues Traveler - Victory Theatre
  3. Elton John - Roberts Stadium
  4. Elton John & Billy Joel - Indy
  5. Live Aid  (Madonna, Hall & Oates, Robert Plant, Phil Collins, etc.) -  JFK Stadium in Philadelphia
  6. Bon Jovi - Hershey
  7. America - Hershey, Philly, Evansville, French Lick
  8. Moody Blues - Roberts Stadium, Hershey
  9. Florida Georgia Line - Ford Center
  10. John Mellencamp - Hershey
  11. Eric Clapton - Hershey
  12. Michael Jackson & The Jacksons - JFK in Philly
  13. Heart - Hershey
  14. Journey - Ford Center
  15. Earth, Wind, & Fire - Philadelphia, Hershey, Indy
  16. Doobie Brothers - Hershey, Mesker Park Ampitheater -Evansville
  17. Allman Brothers - Milwaukee WI
  18. Genesis - Philly, Washington DC
  19. Blake Shelton - Ford Center
  20. Chicago - Hershey, Indy

Wow...and there's too many others on my list to mention!

So, what artist or group would you most like to see here in Evansville?   Tell us your favorite!

Here's one of my favs I just saw a couple of weeks ago!  Bruno Mars!  I would have loved to have seen him here in Evansville!  But, maybe the venues here aren't large enough to accommodate him.

Bruno Baby! credit by Deb Turner
Bruno Baby! credit by Deb Turner



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