One of the things on my bucket list is to get a camper. I've always liked camping, but the older I get, the more things I need to camp in a tent comfortably. I need a top of the line blow up mattress with a headboard, a big throw rug, a large fan, a light to hand at the top the tent, and end tables with a lamp for my water and my sleep apnea machine. I'm a good time. LOL

See, I just need to get a camper. I'm trying to convince my husband to agree to let us get one. He can come glamping too. He's more than welcome. I'll share. As of yesterday, he's not biting. He's a hard a nut to crack. I don't even think he would be open to buying a used one and fixing it up because we've been doing that exact thing to our house for 12 years. Let's just say he is sick of fixing things up. To be honest, so am I. But, I want a camper so bad, I think I can muster uo the strength to make one new again. It's a smaller space, right?

If I could be creative enough to renovate a camper like Deidre, maybe he would consider buying one. Or, Deidre could let us buy this one. It's so perfect, I would live in this beautifully renovated camper full time.

You'll Want To Live In This Renovated Kentucky Camper, See The Amazing Transformation

Thanks, Deidre, for sharing your pics with me. You did an amazing job.

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