Here’s something you probably never would have thought you would hear someone say.  There are going to be meat alternatives at the Indiana State Fair.  Wait, what did I just say?

Oh, yes, the state fair.  A place where Hoosiers from all over gather to enjoy some of the most delicious and artery-clogging food items that vendors can provide.  Usually, the big news before the state fair is what is going to be the big deep-fried food item. It could be anything from Snickers bars to Twinkies.  I even think that fried ice cream was the hot pick one year.  Anyway, I think I have found the newest weird food that is going grace the fairgrounds this year, vegan bratwursts.

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Not really sure what goes into making a vegan brat but I can only assume that it will not be anywhere near as good as a classic bratwurst.  I just never would have thought that the state fair would be a place where patrons could find vegan/vegetarian options.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with that but if you have never had a real bratwurst from the Indiana State Fair you are really missing out.

The Indiana State Fair will kick off this year on July 30 and go until August 22.  So, if you are adventurous with your food choices, you will have plenty of time to try one of these things.  I will be very curious to know what they taste like and if they are actually good or not.

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