As we discussed last week, we all have our favorite Christmas movies and Christmas movie characters.  Well, yesterday I watched a great Christmas movie that I think people tend to overlook.  That is “The Family Man” starring Nicolas Cage and Téa Leoni.

If you have never seen this movie before I cannot recommend it enough.  It’s basically “It’s a Wonderful Life” meets “A Christmas Carol”.  Now, if you are like my fiancé and not a huge fan of either of those movies hear me out!

“The Family Man” focuses on Nicolas Cage’s character, Jack Campbell.  Now, Jack isn’t an Ebenezer Scrooge type character.  He actually seems like a pretty decent guy.  He is just consumed with his career and enjoys his materialistic things.  Long story short, Jack is given the chance to see what life might be like if he had made a few different choices.

This alternate version of his life includes being married and having a family with Téa Leoni’s character, Kate.  What ensues from here is a pretty funny, heartwarming, and, in a way, sad series of events.  By the end it brings up the question is having “it all” really having it all?

Look, I know I am a sucker for sentimental movies like this.  I especially like watching these types of movies around the holidays mainly because it helps you think about what is important.  Plus, after the year we all have had I know w are thinking about those things a little more this year.  So, without being more of a sap, I’ll just recommend “The Family Man” one more time and send you on your way.

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