You probably wouldn't eat after someone else, except maybe your kids, right? What if someone blew all over your plate of food, right in front of you...Would you still eat it?

This cake is about to be covered in germs! Photo by Liberty
This cake is about to be covered in germs! Photo by Liberty

We actually do this everytime we eat a birthday cake that had candles on it! I've always wondered how many germs stick to the icing, but I still eat the cake. I probably should not have Googled the answer to my germ question, but I did. The Journal Of Food Research did a study, and their findings were germ filled!

 Blowing out the candles over the icing surface resulted in 1400% more bacteria compared to icing not blown on. Due to the transfer of oral bacteria to icing by blowing out birthday candles, the transfer of bacteria and other microorganisms from the respiratory tract of a person blowing out candles to food consumed by others is likely.

Gross, right? Especially in the winter, when Strep and the Flu are going around. But you can't have a birthday party without cake! What's the answer? If you are really worried about the germs, serve cupcakes instead. Let your birthday child blow their germs on their own little cake!


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