The last time we had Officer Phil Smith in our studio, he was still just 'Officer' Phil Smith. We got to see our buddy, for the first time in a long time, this morning, and this time he's got a new title - Phil is the Assistant Chief of the Evansville Police Department. How cool is that?

Phil used to be a pretty regular visitor to our building, back before 2020 ruined everything - now that restrictions are starting to ease a bit, we figured it was about doggone time to get him back in here. Liberty and I are pretty excited to say that Phil, and/or other members of the Evansville Police Department will stop by the MY Morning Show every week from now on. During these visits, we may or may not talk about cop stuff. If there is something important the EPD needs to tell the public then we will obviously share that, but I imagine more times than not we'll just talk about whatever - things like music, movies, food, pop culture, you know, whatever.

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Since we haven't talked to Phil in so long - since his promotion - we wanted to know how he feels about his new role as Assistant Chief of Police. Does he like it more than his previous position, and how is it different? You can hear that conversation below, but let me say first that things kind of take a weird turn around the 3:45 mark. We bring up the topic of Cinco de Mayo, and what our names are in Spanish. That doesn't sound weird, I know, but leave it to Liberty to turn a non-weird situation into a weird one. Next thing you know we're talking about Phil's cologne - I can't lie, the man does smell amazing!

Phil Smith on the MY Morning Show


Sometimes the best stuff we do with our guests happens before or after the actual interview. For example, after our interview, Liberty said something that prompted Phil to mention Johnny Gill and that's all it took for me and him to start singing the slow jam "My, My, My." That is not the first time that Phil and I have dueted a song, but I think it is the first time I was able to record some of it.

Bobby & Phil Singing

Here's the song that inspired our impromptu singing...

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