If you have had to cancel or adjust your travel plans this year, there is one company that kinda, sorta wants to make it up to you.  Every young college student’s favorite beer, Natty Lite, wants to hook you up with a private getaway.  Well, for at least a couple of hours.

Twitter page, they are offering you and three friends a chance to hang out in your own private jet for a day.  Unfortunately, you don’t really get to go anywhere.  The “trip” involves you getting the private jet for a few hours where you just fly around and eventually land at the same airport you took off from.  Hey, how many times are you even getting to go on a private jet?  Also, I’m sure the plane with be stocked full of that oh so “delicious” beer.

There are three ways that you can enter to win the private jet flight. The first is via Facebook.

“During the Contest Period, look for Sponsor’s Contest post inviting followers to enter for a chance to win a prize. Comment on the Sponsor’s Sweepstakes post and tell us what you would name your private plane and why and include the hashtags #NaturalFlight and #Contest (“Entry”)”

The other two ways to enter are on Instagram and Twitter.  Basically, you will do the same as you would on Facebook except all you have to do is post what you would name your private jet and why.  But make sure you use the Hashtags #NaturalFlight and #Contest.

It would be a lot of fun to just fly around and have a few drinks and not worry about much else.  Granted, you don’t really go anywhere but still, you’d have a private jet all to yourself that is stocked with FREE beer.  Sounds like a nice cure for that 2020 feeling we all have.

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