Growing up, we always had a real Christmas tree. It was always a huge deal to take Dad's truck down to the IGA and pick out our tree from the lot. We would lay it gently in the bed of the truck and make our way home.

Once we got it home, we would decorate it. Like most families, it wasn't anything like a scene out of a Christmas movie or show. My brother and I would usually start fighting, then my dad would get mad and mom would lock herself in the bedroom and read her book. You know how it goes?

Even with the Morgan drama and fights, I remember those times fondly. I remember the warmth I felt both in the house and in my heart. Those moments, that we were together, are times that I will always treasure.

Now that my mom has passed away, every holiday season, I'm reminded of those days of sitting around the record player and singing along with Johnny Mathis, Burl Ives or Nat King Cole. After I set up the nativity scene, which was MY job) I would snuggle up with my Santa and Snowman stuffed dolls surrounded by all of the goodness of family and Christmas. It was wonderful and I feel very fortunate to have had a childhood filled with that kind of love and security.

My daughter is carrying on the tradition of a ReAL Christmas tree. They have 12 ft ceilings so their tree is always HUGE. So mow, my sweet, precious granddaughter is making the same beautiful memories with her family. It warms my heart to know that.

If you are on team real tree, this is pretty exciting news. Since Christmas will be a lot different this year and some may be uncomfortable getting out of the house to get their tree, Lowe's wants to make it a little easier. Starting Oct. 30th (Friday), you can order a tree from Lowe's and they'll DELIVER it for FREE in two to five days.

Thank you Lowe's, for making us feel good in a bad situation. Even though you will be missing out on picking out the tree, you will still get a beautiful tree to help you carry on your real tree family tradition safely.


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