All of my childhood dreams have just come true! You can now buy the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Powder and there are endless possibilities on how to use it.

Everyone has had Kraft Macaroni & Cheese as a child. It was like the go to meal for kids. I can remember mixing in sliced hot dogs and it was delicious! I'm hungry just thinking about it.

So Kraft has finally done something that they should have done a long time ago. They are selling a one pound container full of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Powder. Yes, the same powder that you would find in the little white pouches with the mac & cheese.

Kraft via BJ's
Kraft via BJ's

Kraft says that you can sprinkle it on popcorn or add some water to it and use it as a sauce for vegetables or pasta. However, you can do so much more than just that. Add it to some french fries (as the power or sauce),  make a cheese sauce for some chili dogs, or even add more to your mac & cheese to make it even cheesier! The list of possibilities for how you can use this cheese powder are endless.

Thank you, Kraft. You're the real MVP.

You can purchase these containers at BJ's for $6.99 right now. However, we don't have a BJ's here in the area, so we will just have to settle for these options on Amazon right now.

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