Can you choose just one "best" place to get desserts and ice cream in the entire state? Yelp, claims they found the best in Illinois and it gets amazing reviews.

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When you are at a restaurant or ice cream shop that has a menu filled with desserts I can imagine it's hard to choose just one. Or is that just me? So when Yelp claimed that they found "THE ONE" best ice cream shop I had to question it. Well, Yes!

Yelp claims that Bistro 6050 is the best of the best when it comes to desserts and ice cream. The Bistro has over 350 reviews and the twenty or so that I read were all raving about how delicious the desserts were.

"I Love the food, the empanadas, crepes and everything is delicious. Staff are very friendly, kind and knowledgeable!! Beautiful and cozy environment!! I highly recommend this place. 5 stars!!" - Solis

It looks like the best thing about this Bistro is that it's more than just ice cream. You can get empanadas and crepes, and the ice cream is homemade. So the next time you are in Chicago and you are looking for a place to just get some treats keep Bistro 6050 in mind. No one ever said you can't have dessert before dinner or better yet how about having dessert for dinner? I'll take option 2, please!

This is also another example on when you are traveling why it's so important to review the restaurant, bistro, or diner you eat at. You never know you might be helping that place become thebest in the state.

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