It doesn't matter if you're on the naughty or nice list, we're not here to judge - we're just here to give away some more money this holiday season. If you have the MY105.3 app, you could win some of that moolah. We call this contest the 12 Names of Christmas, and here's how it works.

  • Download the MY105.3 app (if you don't already have it) and make sure you turn on notifications.
  • Each afternoon, Deb Turner will send you a link to a special registration page.
  • Follow the link and submit your info.
  • Each morning at 7am we will announce a name. If that's your name, you have 10:53 to call us back to win $105.
  • If no one calls, we will announce another name. We will keep doing that until we get a winner.

We'll announce the first name at Tuesday, December 3rd and we'll continue to do this for the next 12 weekday mornings.

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