Willard Library announced they'll be closing to the public temporarily in response to the COVD-19 outbreak.  However we can still try to find our favorite Grey Lady while at home.

Willard Library announced they'll be closing to the public, and currently locking their book drop.  Overdue fees will be waived as they want everyone to stay at home.  They do have e-books and online databases you can still check out during their closure.  And if you were wanting to get your spooky fix, you can still help hunt for Evansville's infamous Grey Lady while watching their ghost cams.

I remember when I was a kid, my cousin Chris and I would stay up ALL night watching the Willard Library ghost cams.  We'd refresh them constantly, and somewhere out there, there's an old hard drive with several screenshots we took.  Now, the ghost cams are even higher quality. And since we're all stuck at home more than usual, it's a nice little escape from your couch.  Check out the Willard Library ghost cams by clicking here.

Who knows, maybe you'll see the Grey Lady! I'm sure she'll miss us during her time of social distancing.

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