It's hard to imagine Chris Pratt gaining anymore points with me (I'm already a big fan), but he definitely did with his recent acceptance speech at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Pratt won the Generation Award, and the speech he delivered was absolutely perfect in my opinion.

Hearing celebrities share their thoughts on politics or social issues is not uncommon. It's also not unusual to hear them mention God, even if just briefly ("I gotta thank God for this award"). It is less common to hear someone spend several minutes to expand on their faith, especially on MTV. But that's just what Chris Pratt did...and he nailed it!

What made it so perfect? He did it in a way that didn't come across as preachy or soap-boxey. He mixed in some of the silly, juvenile humor that he's become known for along with some really great advice for the next generation.

His nine tips included a simple way to give a dog medicine and how the best technique for moving your bowels at a party. He also talked about God, bullying, praying, your soul and showing grace. Considering his audience, which might be perceived as less than spiritual, it was the perfect approach and perfect execution.

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