Today is National Cookie Day!  According to the National Day Calendar, cookies arrived here in the North American States in the 17th century.  Gingerbread and macaroons cookies were among the popular early American cookies.

Yesterday while I was grocery shopping at the Fresh Market,  a woman asked me if I'd like to sample their gingerbread cookies and decorate one, too!  I couldn't say no!  Here's how mine turned out!

Deb's Gingerbread Cookie, credit by Deb Turner
Deb's Gingerbread Cookie, credit by Deb Turner

I love baking my own homemade cookies and my very favorite is a chocolate chip cookie - almost any variety - with pumpkin or oatmeal, walnuts, etc.   I prefer them chewy not crispy! I also enjoy the No Bake Cookies!

In the Tri-State area, I would have to say Just Rennie's Catering in Evansville has my favorite chocolate chip cookies!  They're so thick and chewy and delicious!  They have a great variety, too.

Who do you think makes the Best Cookies in the Tri-State?   We'd love to hear your comments on Facebook page!  My 1053WJLT  #NationalCookieDay


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