Who has more fun at Father Daughter Dances...the dads or the daughters?  This is a great question that I failed to ask any of the fathers and daughters who attended this weekend's Holy Rosary Father Daughter Dance held at the Old Post Office in downtown Evansville. Take a look at this video and maybe you can decide!  [Watch]

I was almost the only mom in the room (because I deejayed the event) so from my perspective, I'd have to say it's equally fun for the dads as it is the daughters.

The girls had so much energy to burn that some of them came up to me at the end of the dance and wanted me to keep playing more music! I also witnessed throughout the night many dads taking video and selfies with their daughters. I know the mom's would love to be there to see what's goin' on, but, trust me, they all had a blast!

I am so honored to be part of this wonderful event and fundraiser for the 5th year for Holy Rosary School.  I encourage more dads to attend events like this whenever you get the chance because these are memories you will always cherish forever with your dear little girl (or girls).

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