Did you know that Night Court ran for nine seasons back in the day? Yeah, 193 episodes from 1984-1992. I had no idea! I do feel like it doesn't really get the love it deserves. I rarely hear Night Court mentioned in conversations about the most popular, or most successful sitcoms from back in the '80s and '90s. I know that my family really enjoyed Night Court - we thought it was hilarious. If you were a fan back then, you might be excited to know that Night Court is coming back to TV.

The series will be a sequel, not a reboot or remake. In fact, the new show will feature a new judge with familial ties to the original series. It was recently announced that former Big Bang Theory actress, Melissa Rauch, will play the role of Abby Stone, the daughter of Judge Harry Stone, played by the late great Harry Anderson. You might remember Melissa Rauch joined the season three cast of the Big Band Theory. She was originally going to serve as an executive producer for Night Court until she saw the script and fell in the love with Abby's character.

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Rauch will be joined by another original cast member, one of the most popular, John Larroquette's perverted assistant district attorney Dan Fielding. Here's another fun fact about Night Court, John Larroquette won an Emmy (Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series) four years in a row for his role as Dan. He eventually asked that his name be taken out of consideration - I guess he wanted to give some other actors a chance to win.

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There aren't a ton of other details available right now, but we do know that NBC has ordered a pilot episode.

[h/t: tvline.com]

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