Here's what you need to know for Wednesday January 30, 2019

Weather from Eyewitness News: Wind chill advisory continues for much of the Tri-State. Feel like temperatures from -10 to -20 degrees.

Numerous school, business and Church closings for today - see the complete list HERE. The closings include both USI and U of E, but the Aces will still play at the Ford Center tonight.

The U.S. Postal Service is suspending mail delivery operations (BUT NOT IN THE TRI-STATE) in Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Iowa, and Western Illinois for today because of the extreme cold.

More controversy for Maroon 5 in regards to the Super Bowl. The band has decided not to take part in the traditional pre-game press conference.

The Chandler Police Department posted something pretty interesting on Facebook that got a few laughs. They "cancelled" all misdemeanor and felony criminal activities because it is too cold to commit crimes. Very clever on their part. No one wants to get out in this nasty cold weather, not cops or criminals.

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