I don't know if I can think of too many toys more universally loved than LEGOS, and the affection for Legos is not just reserved for kids, even grown-ups still enjoy playing with LEGOS. We've all played with them, and we've all stepped on them with bare feet (and yelled out some choice words). Odds are you have a plastic tub full of LEGO bricks stashed away somewhere in your house. If that is the case, I'm curious what you're gonna do with those used bricks? If you're like me, you might hang on to your LEGOS - you'll justify it by saying something like "You never know when I might want to get them out and build something" (even though you haven't played with them in over a decade.

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Instead of hoarding them away or, God forbid, throwing them away, I have another option for what to do with your used LEGO bricks. How about you give them back to LEGO? Actually, you're only giving them back to temporarily - long enough for LEGO to clean and sort the bricks and then donate them to organizations that work with kids.

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Lego Replay

We've all heard the term "pay it forward" and "sustainability," and that's what the LEGO Replay program is all about - and they have made the process just about as user-friendly as possible. It takes very little effort on your part to get these used bricks out of your attic and into the hands of some young people that are eager to let their creativity flow. How simple is it? How about just three steps?

  1. Box It: Gather up the LEGO bricks you want to donate and throw them in a box. Don't worry about sorting them. All Lego asks is that you disassemble any built sets to the best of your ability.
  2. Print It: LEGO will provide you with a free shipping label - all you need to do is print and slap it on the box of bricks.
  3. Ship It: Do I really need to elaborate on this step?
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Do you have more questions? Wanna know where these donated bricks end up? Wanna know what you can and can not donate? Find the answers to any LEGO Replay questions here.

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