More and more I seem to keep finding articles that talk of the potential for space travel on a commercial level.  Yes, one day it may be possible for you to take a week off work and orbit around the planet.  Call me a nerd but that sounds like a great time.  Granted, I know we are years away from this but it is really fun to think about.

The reason I am even talking about his today is due to the fact that once again I saw another interesting article talking about commercial space travel.  It points out that thanks to companies like Space X ordinary people will be able to travel into space and spend time there.  Obviously, these are people with much deeper pockets than you and I.  None the less one day civilians will be in space.  But what are people supposed to call them?

Usually, we reserve the term “astronaut” for the fine folks who have spent years prepping themselves to go into outer space.  Someone who is leaving this planet to try and better understand the universe that we live in.  I don’t think calling Joe Schmo with a big checkbook an astronaut is a good idea.  Granted, these people will have to spend time training for what they are about to do, but they will be traveling to space in a more leisurely manner.

As I said, we are still years away from this being a reality.  But I am hopeful that this does happen in my lifetime.  Outer space is something that I am very fascinated with.  I would love nothing more than the chance to see it in person.  However, I don’t think I’ll call myself an astronaut.  Maybe something along the lines of Space Vacationer.

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