During my 20+ year career in radio I've had the chance to do some pretty cool things and visit some pretty cool places. I recently had one of the very coolest (literally and figuratively) experiences when I got to see the creamery at G.D. Ritzy's!

My thanks to Chad Grunow for giving me a first-hand look at how their delicious strawberry ice cream is made! As you watch the video, you should notice the secret to what makes G.D. Rity's the best ice cream in town.

Did you see it...the secret? It's not an ingredient. It's the fact that they hand mix EVERY SINGLE BATCH of ice cream. Imagine how much ice cream they make each week at Ritzy's...and now imagine mixing it all by hand! They have a guy who is their dedicated ice cream maker/mixer. I had the pleasure of meeting him and shaking his hand (and his massive forearms).

There is one more secret that was not mentioned in the video...a very important part of the process that makes Ritzy's ice cream so incredibly good. Here it is. Every tub of ice cream, for all three locations, is made in that creamery at the west side store! As my friend Jamie Espenlaub (from Jacob's Village) said...West side is the BEST side!

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