Don't confuse her with Super Girl, Cat Woman, or Batwoman, Evansville's newest superhero is Batgirl. If you were at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival on Friday evening, you likely saw a trio of superheroes watching over Franklin Street.


Not only did Batman make an appearance at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival this evening, but he brought Batgirl and Robin with him! The team watched over the festival from a bird’s-eye view and couldn’t have asked for a better sunset. If you weren’t lucky enough to catch them waving at you, check out these cool pictures!

Batman and Robin have been regulars at the festival, but this was Batgirl's first trip to the River City. In the D.C. Universe, Batgirl's true identity is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. He's the one with the Bat Phone. In the Evansville, IN Universe, our Batgirl is not a typical civilian. She's a real-life superhero...But WHO is she?

Meet Evansville Police Department's Special Events Coordinator

Officer Taylor Merriss with the Evansville Police Department took on a big challenge in her career this year. Phil Smith moved into the role of Assistant Police Chief, and Taylor's position took over a lot of the public speaking and appearances that Phil did.

You might see her at fundraising events like 'Over the Edge' for Granted, you can hear her every week on our segment 'You Down with EPD?', or perhaps you saw her at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival as Batgirl.

Who is Officer Taylor Merriss?

Taylor Merriss is the Special Projects Coordinator with the Evansville Police Department. She has already participated in many public events, meeting the community, and answering questions about the department.
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Evansville Police Officers Walk the Beat, Getting to Know Their Neighbors

This year the Evansville Police Department has really stepped up its efforts to get to know the citizens they serve. Walking Wednesdays is a great way for law enforcement to be seen in neighborhoods and to meet the residents and hear their stories.

Cops Connecting with Kids 2021 Disney Trip

The mission of Cops Connecting with Kids Inc. is to build positive relationships between members of the law enforcement profession and the youth in their local communities, through open and honest channels of communication, mentorship, and connectivity.

10 of the Most Ridiculous 9-1-1 Calls from EvansvilleWatch

If you hear sirens and want to know what's going on, EvansvilleWatch on Facebook is the best place to look. They do an excellent job of listening to the police scanner in the Vanderburgh and Warrick county areas and posting updates as they come in. Most of the calls are routine, but I found several that had me shaking my head!

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