Ah, there's nothing like coming home to the welcoming smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies or warm cinnamon rolls. Until you realize it is the simple trickery of a candle. Candles have the power to transport us to different times in our lives with the power of smell.

Is this what a cab in New York City smells like?

homesick.com car freshener NY
homesick.com car freshener NY

I thought it would be fun to ask our listeners what their city would smell like if it was a candle. Could this be my big break into Shark Tank? A quick Google search squashed my business plan. Of course, there is a candle company that actually makes candles for all 50 states, so you can burn them when you're homesick. The site is literally called HomeSick.com, but what does each state smell like?


homesick.com IN
homesick.com IN

Here's the description of what our state of Indiana smells like according to HomeSick.com

Selvedge denim, fresh-picked corn, and newly harvested hay. Floral-filled breezes blowing across the fields evocative of the Hoosier state.

Top Notes: Magnolia, Cotton, Corn
Mid Notes: Valencia Orange, Hay, Rose
Base Notes: Sugar, Vanilla, Coconut

The description doesn't make me want to smell it. I feel like the 'hay' might make us all sneeze.


homesick.com IL
homesick.com IL

Let's see what the great state of Illinois smells like in candle form.

A fresh floral bouquet of honeysuckle, lavender, and violets. Hints of grain fields, light breezes, and a touch of vanilla and lemon.

Top Notes: Chocolate, Bergamot
Mid Notes: Honeysuckle, Lavender
Base Notes: Raspberry, Vanilla


homesick.com KY
homesick.com KY

I'm guessing bluegrass, horses, and bourbon...Let's see what it really smells like.

Embrace Kentucky’s rich heritage with scents of legendary bluegrass and refreshing mint. Warm touches of bourbon and sweet praline.

Top Notes: Bourbon, Vanilla, Butter
Mid Notes: Cream, Praline, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Sugar, Tonka Bean, Musk

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What Would Cities in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois Smell Like in a Candle?

We asked our listeners in the Tri-State what their city would smell like if it was a candle. We've compiled some of the best responses, and they are hilarious!

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