I am so glad that my job has given me the opportunity to work with so many police officers over the last 24 years. Unlike a majority of the population, all of my interactions with police are totally "non-police" related. That's to say that it never has anything to do with a crime, either one that I've committed or one that's been committed against me. Our encounters are always very casual and laid back. So, I have the chance to get to know them as just regular people - I wish the public could do that more often.

Nick Winsett is the Public Information Officer for the Evansville Police Department, and Liberty and I have had a few chances to spend some time with him. Our brief meetings haven't really allowed us to get to know too much about him though, that's why we were so excited to play This or That with him. Nothing breaks down walls, and reveals someone's true personality like This or That.

We took a chance with Officer Winsett, right out of the gate, by asking a pork-related question. The fact that he didn't stand up and storm out of the studio showed us that he's a good sport and that we'd have fun together. Nick got to see what I deal with on a daily basis when we asked question #4, which has to do with movies. Liberty, having NOT seen just about any movie that isn't Disney or Marvel, tried to comment on Nick's answer and totally referenced the wrong movie (that happens at the 1:43 mark).

Thanks again to Officer Nick Winsett for playing our silly game, and for everything he does with the Evansville Police Department.

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