Saturday's Wandering Owl Beer & Wine Trail at the Wesselman Woods Nature Center was a big success!  My husband and I tried almost everything there.  We ate some of the best smoked pork, beef, and twice baked mashed potatoes from Pappa Bear's Catering.   I went back for seconds!  

I spoke with Diane Coiro, Interim Executive Director for Wesselman Woods Nature Center and she told me the event was very profitable and is very grateful for the support of all the vendors, volunteers and all the guests who attended. Proceeds from the event helped to fund the Educational Outreach & Animal Programming.

The event included local craft beer and wine, food, and live entertainment!  I had a chance to ask Brent Weatherwax of Pappa Bear's Catering about the food he was serving from Dewig meats from Haubstadt, IN.     [Video]

Here's my hubby and me!

Deb & Mike; credit by Deb Turner
American Bald Eagle; Credit by Deb Turner
Tulip Tree (150 Feet Tall) at Wesselman Woods Evansville; credit by Deb Turner