We know that one of the best things about the holiday season is not only putting up your own Christmas decorations but also seeing everyone else's. It's a tradition for lots of families to hop in the car on a Saturday night and drive around town to see all the lights, inflatables, and other beautiful decorations around town.

For those who decided to include their address in our Light Up the Tri-State contest, we've included them in our 2021 Christmas Light gallery below. (We're working hard to update this so be patient if you submit your light show.)

An absolutely crucial component to making this activity complete is the music - and we absolutely have you covered on MY105.3, the Tri-State's Christmas Music Station! We have put together some special programming for what we're calling Christmas Lights Touring Nights. On Saturday, December 11th and 18th, from 5pm-7pm, make sure you have MY105.3 on while you're out looking at all the decorations. You can also listen to us on our app.

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So, gas up the family truckster, whip up some hot chocolate, and take us along for the ride on the Christmas Lights Touring Nights!


Looking for the best Christmas lights in the tri-state? Here's where you can find them!

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