'We girls (and Guys) can do anything, right Barbie?' This was Barbie's slogan and little commercial jingle back in the 1980s and I still refer to it quite often. But when I saw that a live-action Barbie movie was in the works, I must say that I was skeptical.

Watch the retro 1980s commercial below

The Real-Deal Barbie

Once I saw that the cast included Margo Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon, and Will Ferrell, I was intrigued. Playing with my Barbies was an escape for me. I used to re-enact scenes from The Young & The Restless with them. Oh yes, I'm #Barbie4Life.

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It's also something that my mom and I bonded over and eventually fought over. I mean, if I can't take a Barbie out of the box what is the point, am I right? That went down a dark road which ironically seems to be part of the plot of "Barbie"

Barbie | Main Trailer

I love the cheesiness, the wardrobe, the music...Yes, even that darn Dua Lipa song. And I will more than likely cry at some point during the movie. I mean, I cried at the last two movies that I saw, and those were superhero flix.

You Can See The 'Barbie' Movie Before Its Release Date at Evansville Area Theaters

Ok, here is my pro tip for you when it comes to movies and their release dates: You can see the movie on the Thursday before the actual opening date. I don't really know why that is a thing, but I can tell you that we can see 'Barbie' as early as 3:00 PM on Thursday, July 20, 2023!


Showplace Locations and Times

AMC Evansville 16 Times

This extended ad from 1985 has the full Barbie song (Not 'Barbie Girl)

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