Sometimes you just need to hear some good news no matter how small.  We all know with Spring time comes baby ducks.  One of my favorite parts of this time of year is going to the park and seeing mama ducks waddling with several babies trailing behind them. It's one of the cutest  parts of nature.  Unfortunately baby ducks don't always realize how small they are and sometimes they end up in tight spots.  Earlier this week some baby ducks fell down a storm drain, and worried mama was close by.  Thankfully Evansville Animal Control and Evansville Police were to  the rescue!

The baby ducks were safely retrieved, that's when the struggle to catch mama happened. In the video you can see Evansville Animal Control and Officers Doane and Wilson catching mama and then reuniting her with her ducklings.  They were then transported and released in a safer location away from the Lloyd Expressway.

Check out the video below where the officers helped catch the mama duck.

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