Dylan King aka DDK, has been busy writing songs, and he is ready to showcase them in a benefit concert. He made his radio debut with us August 21, 2019. Dylan performed in front of thousands, at the 'More than Pink' walk, but that was just one song. Now, DDK, along with his friends, Lando and Brando Bangz, are ready for a legit concert! We invited these talented guys, and Shawn King into the studio, to get the details on Sunday's concert:

Photo: Shawn King
Photo: Shawn King

Metastatic breast cancer (also called stage IV or advanced breast cancer) is not a specific type of breast cancer. It's the most advanced stage of breast cancer.

Metastatic breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast and nearby lymph nodes to other organs in the body (most often the bones, lungs, liver or brain).

Although metastatic breast cancer has spread to another part of the body, it’s still breast cancer and treated as breast cancer.

For example, breast cancer that has spread to the bones is still breast cancer (not bone cancer). It may also be called metastatic breast cancer in the bones or bone metastases. It’s not the same as cancer that starts in the bone. It’s breast cancer cells that have invaded the bones. So, it's treated with breast cancer drugs, rather than treatments for cancer that began in the bones.


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