Several of my friends love the the convenience of having their groceries picked out by someone else, so all they have to do, is have them loaded into the car. Schnucks began home delivery service in April, and people seem to love it, too. But, are you so busy, that you would let a stranger into your home, while you're at work, and have them put your groceries up? Walmart is testing a new "In Fridge Delivery" service this week. The delivery person won't get a key to your house, or anything like that. They will put a code box on your door, and each time, they will use a code (A different code each time). You will be able to watch the delivery through an app on your phone. I guess it's kind of like having pest control or maintenance in your apartment or rental, but you usually don't have any choice about that, if you rent. There are so many reasons that I would never use this service.

I'm sure the device & app are not free. Will they charge a monthly fee or per delivery? I'm going to guess both.

How do you really know if the delivery person has a criminal history?

What if they let my dog out? What if my dog bites them? Not that she would, but what if.

What if the delivery person trips on a skateboard? It's very possible at my house.

Open cabinets and the fridge at your own risk. Something is more than likely going to fall out. 

That's just my short list of reasons. Would you use this type of "In Fridge Delivery"?

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