I grew up admiring all of our local television broadcasters. It's weird to say it out loud, but I used to cheer for Mike Blake when it was his turn to do the sports. I'm talking way back in the day, like the early to mid 80s. My mom used to tell me that she knew someone who knew Ann Komis, and that was just so exciting to me! I nearly fainted when I met David James, and don't even get me started on our meteorologists, I fan girl anytime I see them in person.

We are pretty lucky when it comes to the talent we have on our local channels. I've lived in other cities, and aside from Orlando, we have the best. Sometimes, our best move on to places like Orlando, making them better!

Ron Rhodes told us about a throwback promo he was in with Judge Judy, and of course we had to watch it. Then I went down the rabbit hole of finding more retro local new promos. Some of them probably inspired 'Anchorman'. That inspired us to create the 'Local News Dream Team'. We'll need two News Anchors, one Reporter, one Meteorologist, and one Sports Reporter. Our list contains current news personalities, and some from the past. There is a blank spot, so you can write one in that we might've missed.

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